Sunday, 12 July 2009

long time between updates

Hello Folks !!!

sorry its been a while since the last update and so much has happened since then , yet time has flown by so fast.
My new little brother Oran is growing up so fast and still as big as ever , 6.5 kg at the moment and only 12 weeks old . he's a buffer !!!
he's outgrowing all my clothes that i wore at the same age. I had better to nice to him as he may be bigger than me very soon.

He sleeps for a couple of hours at a time now , but still wakes up 2 or 3 times during the night for feeding. Mammy's not too happy !!
but daddy's not getting away too easy either.

i have now moved into my own big bed and that means i am not stuck in the bed like i used to be in my old cot !!!! so whenever i wake up i can go see mammy and daddy and i do !! just because i can !!
daddy's not impressed when he sees more 3 or 4 times a night !! it's wearing a bit thin so i might have to behave a bit more and stay in bed a bit longer.

we've no photo in the update , but we will have some more in the next couple of updates !! this is just a quick update to let you all know that we are all fine.
Oran was nearly in hospital a few weeks ago with a viral respiratory infection , but by the time we saw the doctor , Oran was past the worst , so he didn't have to enter hospital. but he got over that very quickly and is now all healthy again ,..... apart from the lack of sleep for mammy !!!

hope every one is well !!

take care all !

Love Liam

Sunday, 3 May 2009

mama and her new boy ,

He's getting bigger and bigger.
he's put on over 0.7 kg since he's been home. he's a lump all right , doesn't do very much at the moment , so all he's good for is kissing on the head !!

He's got the same hat on that i had on ages ago , it's a cute hat sent to me by my cousin Caoimhe from Ireland. so we had to take a picture with Oran in the same hat as well. to see who looks the best in it :)

Of course i would win !!: )

hope you are all keeping well everywhere in the world....

I'm getting quite good at kicking the ball now , so good in fact that i have been banned from kicking the ball in the house ... only outside now :)
not sure what code of football i will play ... maybe a round ball or maybe an oval ball !!! who knows , i can kick both of them equally well !!!

Take care
Liamo :)

me and my Bro !!!

Hello everyone , here some more photo's of the men in question .....
Me and my little Bro Oran ....

this is just before i nearly squashed him .... good job mammy was looking out for him as i nearly rolled over on top of him !!!

it won;t be long before he will be rolling me back over himself !!! so i better make the most of him !!

Friday, 24 April 2009

here's mammy and her boys !!!

do you realise that mammy is surrounded by boys !!!
Aare and Fox are boy cats ..... Fergus is a boy dog .... Daddy is a boy and Oran and I are also boys !!!

it's a boys house all right !

Daddy says he will get some chooks ( hens for those who don't know what chooks mean !!! ) for Mammy , so that she can some girl company !!!
i think thats funny !!!

Mammy's not so sure !!

here's another one.
he's peacefully asleep in this one ...

here is a photo of my brother Oran !!
he's gorgeous ! isn't he ???

Hey I've got a new brother :)

Hello people !! I've got a new brother. i know mammy and daddy had a lot to do with it ....

here's a picture of me with my brother Oran thomas ! , well i think it is him .... it looks like a face in a cloth !!! :) there is a little boy in there !!
this was taken a day after he was born , so he wasn't doing a lot !!

i love to cuddle him and give him gentle kisses , although sometimes i don;t realise how much i lean into him when giving him a kiss !! i have to be very gentle with him !!
there will be some more photos of him in the next few entries, so this blog is not all about me !!! , well not all the time ...

hope you like the photos


Friday, 13 March 2009

an embarrassing one :)

I think this is Dada's revenge. I was caught wearing Daddy's jocks.... ( underwear , for those not familiar with the phrase "jocks" )

well it could have been worse , it could have been Mammy's !!!

now that would be embarrassing.

As it is , i'm just about to do a lap of the house in Daddy's jocks. Great fun indeed.....

i know you are all thinking ....... "i hope they were clean ones....... "

Well .............. maybe :) you'll have to ask me that when you see me !!!



I was a sick boy !!!!

Hello everyone .....
well have i a story to tell you now .... I have been in hospital for 2 nights and had to sleep with an oxygen pipe up my nose which was very uncomfortable but i only woke a couple of times.
for the previous week, i had a cold , but just seemed like a normal cold, but on sunday night, i could not sleep and my breathing was very shallow, so mammy called the doctor at 2am. The very nice doctor came out and examined me and thought it was pnumonia , and called the ambulance for me to bring me to hospital. However they later changed the diagnosis ( Daddy is helping with these big words ) to Lower respitory virus , which gave me symptoms of Asthma. So they are not sure if i have Asthma , or just the virus gave me symptoms of Asthma , but either way i have to use a Ventolin puffer every mornng and night for the next week and see how it goes.
I was very good for the doctors and let them examine me. I also let mammy give me my ventolin without too much fuss.
The picture above shows me with my oxygen pipes in my nose. I hated them , but i kept them in. I was a brave boy !! :)
i only spent 2 nights in there... and they let me home then. Mammy was especially glad to get home and finally get some decent sleep.
all this action and my little brother/sister is only 4 weeks away ..... exciting times , although i think mammy and daddy can do without this sort of excitement.
but i got a spin in the ambulance ...YEAH....
i'm still very tired at the moment , but i am getting better day by day.... It was really sad to see all the other sick kids in there. Maybe i am not too bad after all :
I have a lot to be grateful for !!!
Take care everyone
Hugs and Kisses....

Thursday, 26 February 2009

who said i can't dress myself !

only a quick one this time , to show you what i can do on my own.... ok so i only have one shoe , two shoes are overrated !! :)

my hat is on back to front but at least i got the strap in place correctly

i'm quite proud of my dressing .... but certainly room for improvement , i will admit !!!

hugs and kisses to all out there !!

WOW another update

Here's a photo of me and mammy in a boat in Warrnambool. the sea was very calm that day .... :) in fact it was a sea of sand !! We were able to rock the boat , but we could move very far , maybe just as well !!

We had great fun down there. We saw baby clody get christened ( thats Uncle Tommy and Auntie Vava's newest addition. I love little bubbies , and apparently we are getting our very own little bubba in April. It'll be a little brother or sister for me. I have been practicising kissing the bubby and am looking forward to it's arrival.
I think it's coming from Big W's as mammy seems to get loads of stuff from there ..... :)

I'm still not sleeping the full night and sometimes wake up , but they soon have me back down to sleep , they are getting quite good at it now !
I have been having a few little temper tandrums as well , but mammy seems well able to handle them. I will have to come up with a new strategy to get what i want :)

mammy has my bag packed , ready to leave in case these fires get too close to us ... i don't see too much of them, but as long as we are all safe ...

Hope everyone is keeping well and hopefully i will see you all soon !!

Saturday, 24 January 2009

i'm in charge !!!!!

Hello everyone..... i'm was getting a bit tired of Daddy's laziness in not updating my blog, so i decided to take things into my own hands and try it myself ,
as you can see , i have the whole setup , headphones as well although there was no-one to talk to ....
i tried to update the blog , but then i realised that i didn;t have the login to do it , so i had to give up and let Dada do it , whenever he got off his butt to do it.
Well enough about him and more about me !!!!!
My favourite word at the moment is "NO" and i certainly use it a lot. I don't really say Yes , i just don't say NO !! its all a game , trying to keep mammy and Daddy on their toes.....which i certainly do .
i still wake up during the night , and sometimes dont want Mammy to leave me , so they have to give me a bottle to get me back to sleep -- hehe , i just love a bottle in the middle of the night !!
However i think they are starting to get a bit fed up with it and so may not play along with it for much longer.
I'm still growing and growing out of my cool clothes. mammy keeps having to check all my clothes to make sure that i dont have any stored away that would fit me now.
Mammy gave me an old kangaroo skin that she had when she was young ,and i love fact i love the feel of it on my skin - it's really soft ..... i'm sure the kangaroo was not too pushed abput the fact of being a rug ....... but its too late now !!!!
i'll get the ould chap to update this again soon with some better pictures
hope you are all keepng well ..... :)

Monday, 8 December 2008

it's been a while ... slack daddy

Hello everyone

Well hasn't Daddy been the slackest of Daddys and has not updated my Blog for ages now . here's a quick picture of me outside with my sun hat on , although there wasn't much sun about , mammy is a bit of fussy wussy about these sorts of things

so whats been happening ? Lots and lots
I'm now able to run and always want to run everywhere because i can ! This however is not always a good thing as i've had a few falls , i have loads of brises on my knees and last week i got my first big cut - i had a grazed knee and a cut on my hand - i fell on the gravel road and there were some tears after that i have to admit.

But after a few minutes Mammy was ok !!! hah ha
I love lawn mowers and i hope Santa brings me one for christmas , i've been out pushing Daddy's lawn mower trying to show him how to do it , but it's a bit of a challenge still.
I love gardening tools , not the toy plastic one , but the real ones , the ones Daddy wants to use.

I still love my swimming , although today i didn't like the instructor and was not a happy camper and made sure she knew that i wasn't happy. appareantly i am very expressive about what i don"t want. daddy says i got that from my mammy's side. I think thats a brave thing to say for Daddy !!!

Woodend outdoor swimming pool will be open soon and i hope mammy takes me down there lots and lots. maybe daddy will take me at the weekends as well. i can nearly swim as well as Daddy, but thats not a great achievement - poor daddy , maybe i will teach him when i am grown up , at 5 years old !

Well i hope everyone is keeping well and here's a big kiss for all you !!


Sunday, 31 August 2008

This is embarrassing !!! :)

Hello everyone , here's a photo of me that Daddy is keeping for my 21st birthday. It's me pushing a pink pram and i wanted to push it. Mammy tried to pickme up while i was pushing and i was not happy..... i can throw a good tantrum when i don;t get my way..... i've started early !!!
This picture was taken in Galway at my Uncle Tony and Helen's place and i was pushing my cousin Caoimhe's pram. thanks for the lend of the pram , but i'm not sure Daddy would buy me one of these !!!
this was one of my long walks and that was ages ago. I'm now walking full time and having plenty of tumbles , new bruises and war wounds ......
Mammy has bought me a pair of gumboots ( wellies for those in Ireland and don;t know what gumboots are !!! ) and i love walking out in the garden. i try to help Daddy in the garden , but i'm not sure he appreciates my help. he smiles , but i know that he doesn't appreciate me pulling up his plants - they all look like weeds to me !!!! :)
Mammy bought me an indoor playhouse which i can climb in and out of and there is a slippery dip on it which i can climb up on ....but only when mammy or daddy is there with me.
i can't wait for the summer when i can bring all my toys outside and play out there a lot more ...
Daddy's camera is broke so hopefully soon he'll get his bum in gear and get it fixed so i can post some photos so you can all see how cute i am now , akthough i do need a haircut, mammy !!!! :)
some people call me a little girl - now thats emabrrassing !!!
hope everyone is keeping well and hugs and kisses to everyone !!

Sunday, 27 July 2008

Wow - what a busy month it has been

Hello everyone , sorry it's been a while since i've written to the blog but i've been a busy boy..... with a trip to Ireland to visit my rellies over there and then learning to walk. Man it's been busy and tiring !!
Firstly i've been on a huge plane journey over to Ireland which i really enjoyed and behaved myself really well, much to mammy and daddy's delight. I slept well , ate well and didn't cause any trouble , in fact a nice lady complimented me on my beaviour ...( if only she knew the "real" me !!! )
daddy didn't like the special meal that he ordered , trying to be smart and get his food earlier, so he ate my dinner , which was yummy , but i preferred the bottle food that mammy had for me.
Meeting all the aunties and uncles in Ireland was really great , especiallly meeting my twin cousins who are only 9 days older than me - they certainly taught me a few tricks that i didn't know about - thanks michael and thomas !!!
We got on really well and they shared their toys with me which was really nice - i hope they come to australia so i can share my toys with them !! Thanks to all the people in ireland for all the kindness and all the food - mammy and daddy have certainly been in good paddocks , if you know what i mean - lets just say they are not fading away with the hunger !!!
i also met Hansrudi and therese from Switzerland - very nice people who came all the way over just to see me ..... well they did tour around ireland as well , but i like to think that they came to see me !! :) i hope to see you again in switzerland someday......
The picture above was taken in northern ireland at a lovely beach - lovely but cold ! and it wa sa long walk to the beach - thanks to daddy for carrying me - i had a taste of the seaweed there - wouldn't recommend it !!! :-)
and of course seeing granny bob - that was great , she gave me hugs and kisses every day - not that i always wanted them , but that didn't stop her.
it was a great trip , but i don't think mammy and daddy found it a very realxing one, as i was not sleeping really well at night , and was up at 5.30 every morning , ready for the day - well i thought i was , i was buggered again by 9.00am !!! and needed a big nap !!
I was teething , thats my excuse and i'm sticking to it !!! they had better get used to my early mornings, because i think i am an early bird and like getting up early !!
Amd i am also now walking !!! YEAH!!!!!! i started over in ireland - took my first steps and then there was no stopping me. i now mostly walk around the house on my own. i don't crawl as much. i'm getting pretty staeady on my feet and finally mammy was able to buy me gum-boots , ( or wellies for those in ireland and don't know what gum-boots are !!! - aussie term !! ) so it's been a HUGE month for me , as you can see.
i'll try to get daddy to post a photo of me walking - i look cool !! even if i do say so myself !!!
hope everyone is keeping well , where-ever you are in the world
hugs and kisses ...
the walking and international traveller Liam !!!